Motion Stabiliser

A new system designed to move objects vertically from the roof, stable and smooth

Motion Stabiliser

Prevent tilting, panning or any unwanted movement of the object. The Motion Stabilisers are suitable for a diversity of creative applications in order to enhance the visual aspects of a set.

The Unlimited Motion Stabiliser (U-MotionST) is a telescopic profile that is designed to move objects in a vertical direction and prevent unwanted movement.

The telescopic profile consists of 4 sections. In home position the profile is 220 cm. In extended position the profile is 750 cm. The profile has a travel of 530 cm.


Motion Stabiliser Benefits 

• Eliminates any rotational or
pendular motion and gives you
motion stabilization when lifting
and lowering your payload of
• Creates great possibilities for
transforming the venue and
creating striking effects while
keeping a sleek look to your
• Can be used for a wide range
of equipment like: screens,
textiles, smoke machines,
lighting or audio equipment.
• An extra tool for designers to
be way more flexible in their


• You are able to choose which
control system you would like to
use, such as Cybermotion
• Easy to install and with a
compact design for convenient
• Ideal for temporary or
semi-permanent installations.
• Safe and reliable operation.
• Made with durable aluminum
powder-coated black, for both
in and outdoor use.

Unlimited Solutions can provide the telescopic profile and cable guiding system. An external control system is needed for the actual movement. An advantage of this system, is that our clients are able to choose which control system they would like to use, such as Cybermotion, Movecat or Kinesys.

The U-MotionST consists of a truss bracket that is fixed on the profile and a bottom bracket to mount the lights, video or other decorative items. Separate from the motion stabiliser a cable guiding system is available to transfer power and data.

The Motion Stabilisers
were used for the first
time during the Martin
Garrix ADE shows in the
RAI Amsterdam.

Motion Stabiliser Applications 

• Lighting or audio equipment
• (Video) screens
• Textiles
• Smoke machines
• Other decorative items