Unlimited Solutions provides innovative ideas, solutions and equipment for the events industry.

Years of working in the events industry has learned us that each project is unique and that specific events ask for specific solutions. We’ve come across the limitations of existing equipment. For instance when working in locations with little height and where the pressure on the floor was an area of concern. We don’t like to limit the creative minds of our industry but support them with tools to turn ambition into reality.

The BGR70 is one of those solutions. A low volume truss with extreme load bearing capacity and minimum to zero deflection. Created for a corporate project in Japan, where the venue didn’t have enough height. Shortly after the BGR70 was also used during Breda Live where a large span was needed that could hold heavy loads. Since then Unlimited Solutions provided BGR70 for several projects, such as a grid of BGR70 truss in order to create sufficient structural support for the Resistance Ibiza shows.

Another innovative rental product is the Motion Stabiliser. A system to move single objects (such as light fixtures & LED panels) up and down from the roof, stable and smooth, while still being able to do movement effects on the objects. The Motion Stabilisers were used for the first time during the Martin Garrix ADE shows in the RAI Amsterdam.