A low volume truss with extreme load bearing capacity


The BGR70 truss is designed to create large spans that can hold heavy loads.

Compared to conventional 100’er truss systems, the BGR70 truss is 40% stronger and saves up to 35% transport volume. Rectangular profiles create a truss that can be used for spans up to 45 meters, still allowing a center point load of 750 kg.

Zero deflection due to pre-cambering
Using the unique pre-camber options, you can create an absolute straight truss. Depending on the applied load, a combination of spacers ranging from 0mm to 4mm can create a pre-camber effect that will result in zero deflection, despite the applied loading. This is a great feature when using motion or led screens.

BGR70 benefits
• Tool-less system, no tools needed for assembly and disassembly
• Low volume element – reduces transport volume and storage costs
• Integration for dolly and lifting bracket
• Zero deflection, due to pre-camber system. Ideal for motion or LED applications
• Strong and compact – loads up to 3300kg on a 20m span
• Integration to accommodate cross trusses
• Designed in compliance with Eurocodes, manufactured following EN1090 standards
• Can be stacked to 3-units height to facilitate transport


During the event Breda Live 2016 & 2017, the BGR70 truss was used as a roof structure.

In order to create sufficient structural support for the Resistance Ibiza shows, Unlimited Solutions delivered a grid of BGR70 truss.




Available products

BGR70 – L100
BGR70 – L200
BGR70 – Spacer 0
BGR70 – Spacer 2
BGR70 – Spacer 3
BGR70 – Spacer 4
BGR70 – Rigging bracket
BGR70 – Lifting bracket
BGR70 – LP24 Pin
BGR70 – Wheeldolly
BGR70 – Clip

The BGR70 has already
been used for
(inter)national events such
Breda Live, Resistance
Ibiza, Holiday O
n Ice and a
corporate event
in Japan